Fjord Blue RELEASE DAY + Pronunciation Guide

It’s March 10th! My second book is out in the wild!

I celebrate with candy and cinnamon buns – and a very busy day at work. Yes, every day life goes on… but with a little extra fanfare today 🙂

As a bonus to my readers, I’ve made a pronunciation guide in the form of sound files of the Norwegian names used. I love reading books set in places where I have to guess the pronunciation of names, and I often google the correct ways of saying particular names, so I hope you enjoy this crash course in the authentic pronunciation of FJORD BLUE names:

Norway is a country with hundreds of dialects. Names are therefore pronounced slightly different depending on where in the country you are. The male speaker in the sound clips above is from Western Norway, so his pronunciation would be fairly accurate for the general area the novel is set in. I read the women’s names in my dialect, and dialect aficionados would be able to tell that I’m not from the same area as the male speaker. If you’re not familiar with Norwegian, the difference is so small you won’t notice, though!

Also, all the Norwegian bits of dialogue in FJORD BLUE are in a local dialect, so if you get the urge to check the exact meaning on Google Translate, you’ll only get gibberish 🙂


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