The obligatory “2016 writing year: hopes, plans and predictions” post

  1. Get an already completed WIP in final beta-worthy shape and send it out to selected beta readers for complete shredding (and some constructive criticism plus words of praise) by end of February.
    –> this is definitely a goal that is within reach!
  2. Start writing on my Shiny New Idea, and complete it by the end of summer.
    –> No problem with this plan either. Might be difficult to complete by end of August, though…
  3. Revise the first draft of a Norwegian YA I’m working on, have my writing group read it, rewrite, and promptly get it in submission-worthy shape by the end of the year. Then have it rejected all over the place.
    –> Likely to happen.
  4. Send my completed 2015 manuscript to my editor as soon as possible.
    –> This will happen. Fingers crossed.
  5. Be offered representation by a literary agent.
    –> Looks unlikely right now, but 2016 is long – and I’m an optimist.

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