The 2015 writing year

What writing did I get done this year? A lot, in fact. As usual: not quite as much as I would have wanted, but I can’t get it all. There’s such a thing as my family ( , of course) and my day job (also ❤ ) that takes precedence over writing (which is my third <3!).

The stats are as follows:

Books published: 0 –> but this year I’ve spent many weeks in the official publishing cycle with my March 2016 novel, you know! Editing on tight deadlines, no less than three rounds plus checking text proof galleys, took its time!

Works completed: 2 –> one is being queried right now. The other one will soon(ish) find its way to my beta readers before one final round of revision before querying.

Works in progress: 1 –> a thin first draft WILL be done by the end of 2015. I still have one day to do the job!
(I don’t think a first draft counts as a completed work, which is why I won’t include it in that category.)

Shiny New Ideas: 3 –> I will start one of them as soon as possible. Actually, I’ve kind of started it already by outlining the main events and characterizations. As for the other two SNIs, we’ll see what I have time for. I have a folder filled with shiny OLD ideas already…

Rejections: PLENTY –> I’m fairly unaffected by rejections so far, because after all I’m about to have my second novel published. 🙂 Being rejected is part of the writing process, after all. Not fun, but you just have to deal with it and move on. Same as with many things in life.



The 2015 reading year

2015 was the year when I was supposed to focus on all those unread books that take up space on my bookshelves. I thought I’d stop buying so many books for my Kindle too.

I massively underestimated the power and lure of books.

I currently have TWO (and a half) shelves with unread books (I think it was only one at the beginning of the year), most of which I bought myself (mostly used, so there’s that!) and my Kindle is still bursting because I’ve… ehm… bought way too many books. But hey – one can never get too many books, right?!

2015 was a fabulous reading year for me – I read far more books that anticipated, and I read a few that were really good too. I also got hooked on NetGalley, which means I’ve read several titles that aren’t even published yet.

I’d like to sum up my reading year by mentioning some books I think are well worth reading, for many different reasons, but I won’t go into details – I’ll just let the titles sit here so you can consider getting hold of one or two or all of them. These are mostly YA, but some are adult titles, and some are non-fiction.

  • Katharine Edgar: FIVE WOUNDS
  • Louise O’Neill: ASKING FOR IT
  • Jessica Verdi: WHAT YOU LEFT BEHIND
  • Jojo Moyes: AFTER YOU
  • Andrea Stuart: SUGAR IN THE BLOOD – a Family’s Story of Slavery and Empire
  • Matt Haig: THE HUMANS
  • Paula Hawkins: THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN
  • Åsne Seierstad: ONE OF US

2016, here I come!