Cover Countdown

The cover for FJORD BLUE, my March 2016 LGBT YA, will be revealed on YA Interrobang on December 2!

The reveal includes an exclusive excerpt from the first chapter 🙂


Taking cover…

I thought going through official edits on a novel would be a tough process, but it turns out that’s nothing compared to waiting for the cover artist to design the cover.

With my first novel the process was all so new to me, I didn’t have enough time to worry that much about the cover. The process was whirlwind and I just went through the production stages in nervous awe.

This time around, however, I have been jittery for months. And for good reason, because how much control does an author really have over her cover?

Earlier this week, in an article in The Guardian about the whitewashing of characters on the covers of Rick Riordan’s YA novels, it was made clear how little authors can actually impact the covers of their books, and how little the cover artists themselves often know about the books they design for. As this coincided with me receiving three draft cover proposals in my inbox, I felt a certain privilege that I was given the opportunity by my publisher to send feedback on the drafts and point out the one I felt would best represent my story. This doesn’t mean that my wishes come true, of course, but it’s nice to know that you at least get to offer some input.

A few days ago I received another draft, made from the one I had as my favorite. Hurrah! Again, I had the opportunity to give feedback so that the cover could represent the story as accurately as possible while also being enticing enough for prospective readers. Without revealing anything about the actual cover, I can generally say that since the protagonist of the novel is half Cuban-American, I would have been able to change the cover IF a person depicted did not look anything like this main character, for instance. If the cover showed some tropical fishes swimming around in blue water, I could have pointed out the inaccuracy in this too. I wouldn’t have had to find out too late and be forever sad about it.

The final and official version of the gorgeous cover for FJORD BLUE will be revealed soon, so stay tuned 🙂


PS. I love the title of my novel. I named it very early on in my writing, and I think I would have fought hard to keep it should my publisher have wanted to change it. If you’d like to see what a blue fjord can look like, let me take the opportunity to do some self-promo and guide you in the direction of my Twitter account 🙂