Spaces to create

My house was a mess this morning. There was LEGO all over the living room floor, there were clothes scattered everywhere, and the kids had taken their duvets with them and made cabins in the sofas. My own writing space, which is on the dining table in the living room (not that we ever do any dining there), looked like chaos too:

creative space

My creative space – aka the dinner writing table – was crowded by my other creative projects. I knit (not as often as I can – I’m still ‘recovering’ after an involuntary three-year knitting hiatus after a long-lasting and not quite resolved case of RSI) and I sew. Yesterday I did both. Hence the chaos on the table. You see my laptop at the far right end. Hidden behind one sewing machine is my husband’s laptop, which I pushed as far left on the table as possible without removing it entirely, just so that he could squeeze in if he wanted to (he didn’t, because he’s got another computer. We have very many computers…). I have two sewing machines and I’ve now realized I need a third one. I have one sewing machine with fancy embroidery patterns, I have one overlock which is super practical when making clothes, and I definitely need a coverlock machine too so I can add some fancy finishing touches and do some more advanced stuff. I better sell a lot of books soon…

I’ve cleaned up the table now, by finishing the sewing (baby clothes for friends who have had babies recently. Ooooh, the clothes are so tiny! So cute! But NO, I don’t want another baby), so only half the table is currently ‘littered’ with writerly lists of things I want to change in my current manuscript.

Channeling my creative output into different areas makes me more creative, I think. Perhaps it’s a cliché, but who cares. Perhaps I need a bit of (organized) chaos as a writer? I’m sure not one of those writers who must have a quiet, clean, minimalist room with white walls in order to produce words. I’m not saying I wouldn’t appreciate just that, but as things are right now, I’d probably find it difficult to concentrate without all that background noise sound* of kids playing, and a million things to do. 99% of which I have done before I find time to write. But that’s another story 😉

Yes, I dream of my own little library where I can write and create, but I kind of have it already, don’t I?
When I look up from my computer, I stare right into this magnificent bookish heaven:




*I know! That sentence doesn’t read right when I strike out ‘noise’ and add ‘sound’. But it’s very creative, right?