Accomplishments and other variables

Okay, so just a quick and short post to give you some updates. (I haven’t forgotten this blog, I just have so much to do!)

1) FJORD BLUE is in the hands of the senior editor, and my hard-earned teacher’s summer holidays will be spent working on edits. It looks like this book will be published in November this year, so a few months earlier than anticipated. Lovely! Must also say I like this book a lot. It was a blast to write, so no difficulties with the second book for me – quite the contrary.

2) I have the first draft of a new novel finished. I’m moving straight into revising so that I have a draft that is ready for my beta-readers by the end of June. This new novel is about a girl! And she’s in love with a boy. Needless to say, there are a few problems in this girl’s life, and I wouldn’t get anyone’s hopes up by describing this novel as a romance. It’s not dark or bleak, though. It’s quite funny, and focuses much more on family, sibling relationships and friendship than it does romance.

3) I have set myself up for one more round of rejection from Norwegian publishers by submitting a heavily revised version of a previously rejected Norwegian manuscript. Once I get rejected by the publishers again, I can move on with this book. Which means either translating it/rewriting it into English, or simply trunking it for good. We’ll see.

4) As usual, I have too many ideas for new books and not enough time to write them. I currently have three books I really want to write…