The Good, the Bad and the Hopeful

The Bad: I never reached the final of that writing competition I entered way back in October. Bummer. I didn’t expect to win – but you  know how it is: a few times I imagined winning it and basking in the glory of success. I was disappointed for the rest of the day after discovering I didn’t get any further. I don’t have much time to dwell on negative thoughts. I even wrote a sweet chapter on a new project that night. Back in the saddle and all that – it’s not a cliché.
For some strange reason, all unsuccessful contestants were encouraged to submit their fledgling baby manuscripts through the ordinary submissions process, though. I think that’s a bit strange, since I get the feeling my book has been rejected already, but okay – I’ll take every opportunity. I’d love to be published in my native language. It frankly feels a bit odd to be published in English first. Then again, it took years for me to find a voice in my native tongue (long story short: I was paralyzed by the many written varieties of my language. It’s still a conundrum at times, but I found a solution, kind of), and the publishing industry is smaller here, so I don’t expect wonders. Maybe my book will find its home – or I scrap it and work on the two other Norwegian projects I have in mind. One is light, one is very dark.

The Good: my application for membership in my local writers guild was approved, so I am officially recognized as a writer, at least. I admit I was super-nervous about my application. That old feeling of not being good enough, despite having a published book to show off, tried to get the better of me. Being recognized by your peers is kind of a big deal. Thankfully, I’m old enough and experienced enough and busy enough to know that it takes a lot to knock me down, so I ignored the feeling of self-doubt 99,99% of the time. In the end, I had nothing to worry about.

The Hopeful: I submitted a finished English novel to my publisher for consideration. Since I also plan to submit my Norwegian novel to several publishers in the next few months, I could be setting myself up for a 2015 dominated by a lot of rejection. Fingers crossed.


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