No NaNo

Sadly, I’m not participating in November’s NaNoWriMo this year, because it would sort of feel like cheating when I’m not writing on anything new. I’m ‘only’ revising a novel that’s been through two revisions already. I’m removing more words than I’m adding this month!


A Month Of NOT Writing

For the first time in a good while, I had a long break from writing. October was filled with holidays, birthdays, travels and lots of work, so I decided in advance to take a break from writing for the entire month. Which means that now that November is here, I’m back on the keyboard with buckets of enthusiasm and energy.

Some of the energy came from spending the last weekend of October, and the first days of November, in England – visiting a friend from my student days who I haven’t met in person since…2005 or 2006 (we’re not sure, as time flies too fast!). I also had time to do a wee bit of shopping in London, where I spent most of my available hours in bookstores, of course.

Oxford gargoyleoxfordkenilworth cottage



Pictures by Rina Kim.