Sizing Up The Competition

A couple of days ago I emailed a manuscript to a Kidlit/YA competition run by a small new publisher in Norway. I’m fairly happy and mostly thrilled about my story – as one should be when completing a book – and was relieved to send it off two whole days before the deadline. Now the waiting begins, because they plan to announce a winner by December 1. Rest on my laurels, right? Well…

I faced a bit of a shock today, then, when I checked their FB page and found out they received 300 entries. 300! In all sorts of genres. My optimism sort of vanished right there, spotting that number. No way will I beat 300 entries and win. Come on, what are the chances? Pretty slim. I’m pretty sure the other entries are fantastic.

Why on earth do I confess to entering this competition when I expect to meet a dead end? You see, there’s always that tiny voice in my head saying there’s a tiny chance I might win, of course, but mainly I think that since rejection is so common in the world of writers, I shouldn’t hide my disappointments as a writer. I did get published, after all, so I accomplished something so many writers never do.

While waiting, I plan to polish my current English manuscript to have it ready by the end of the year. Fingers crossed my current publisher will want to pick it up…


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