The Soundtracks of Characters

In one of the novels I’m currently working on, a couple of the characters listen to music I find dreadful. But to make sure things are realistic, I have to listen to this music too, or I won’t truly get into the mode of these characters. It’s not that I mention this band much at all in the current version of my (possibly) next book – I namedrop once, and then allude to ‘the noise’ (my words, not the characters’) a couple of times. But, of course, I need to know which songs they listen to, and so I find myself playing through most of this band’s discography in search of the songs I think my fictional characters prefer when they are out and about driving their cars late at night.

I have realized I am never going to be a fan of this band. No chance. I have a wide taste in music, but when it comes to black metal, I’m going to have to call it quits. Sorry, my two characters, to disappoint you.


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