Publishing date and vellum pages

Two OMG moments today (and let it be known that I don’t OMG or LOL or WTH very often. I let my younger characters deal with that kind of language. I prefer to spell things out, but make an exception today 😉

1) It’s official – my book will be published on July 17. Only a month away, wow! [Insert huge pile of celebratory candy here]

2) In today’s mail I received a bundle of vellum pages for me to autograph – they’ll be added to the first ten print copies of the book. I can also add a message to my reader(s).
Uh-oh. A message? A profound, deep message that gives the impression that I am this completely eloquent person who knows exactly what to say (write) at the exact right moment? Everlasting words for eternity to muse over?
I’ll see what I can do.


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