Editing, Round Two – and the Galley Again

The second round of edits went by so fast I forgot to blog about it. I’m not joking!

The second edit arrived in my mailbox in late May, and I had one week to complete it. I knew this meant there were only minor issues to solve, which was a relief, because during the editing week I spent four days traveling. I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours of editing late one night at the hotel in Oslo. I was lucky this editing round didn’t require any serious rewriting and such, because then I would never have made the deadline.

I had to sort out two very minor inconsistencies, see some more commas added or removed, and I clarified a couple of very strange sentences, but on the whole the second edit was pure fun. Some of the comments from the editor were simply fabulous!

Last night, I completed going through the galley proof of my manuscript, and I have to say it was scary to see that the old battered Word document now looked just like a book. It had the front matter with the publisher’s details, the coveted ISBN number – hurrah! – it had my acknowledgement page, then chapter after chapter of my words. MY WORDS! If I could dance (I can’t, and that’s not an exaggeration, trust me) I would be doing a Riverdance or something equally complicated and cool to celebrate. I resort to some sugar instead.

Admittedly, going through the galley I was struck down by sudden doubt in my abilities as a writer, and had to take a break after I started critiquing my own work a little too much. Being nervous before an exam is just healthy, I think. Anyway, in the end I found three minor errors (one example: tree instead of trees) to report back on.

Next stage: getting ready for finding out the exact publishing date.


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